Monday, January 26, 2015

It Just occured to me...

I just sent out the first half-dozen invites to this blog (it's currently set to private; only invited 1st Edition play-testers can see or read the blog) and right after I sent them out I realized that some of you may not know who "JP Goodyear" is.

He's me.

Joe Bonni.

(Bognanni is a Sicilian corruption of "Good Years" in Italian).  And my real name is Joseph Peter Bognanni Jr.  So ...  J.P. Goodyear Jr.

/My Dad's real name was Giuseppi Pietro Calogero Guglielmo Bognanni IV or some such thing before they anglicized and shortened it when he came over on the boat.
//The boat's name was: "Il Squalo."  The Shark.

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